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Astero WordPress Weather Plugin

in on May 17, 2021


    • Astero is a premium WordPress weather plugin that lets you show weather reports on your website. Additionally, it enables you to generate weather widgets containing animation, video clips or pictures.

      Product Description

      WordPress weather plugin is popular for displaying the weather forecast for your web applications. Furthermore, this plugin used Ajax technology and local caching to load weather forecasts quickly.

      This WordPress weather plugin utilizes HTML5 GeoLocation for accurate location detection. Moreover, its scripts are loaded conditionally to minimize HTTP requests, and Html5 caching is enabled to boost loading speed and avoid API call limits

      Thus, with all its features, the weather plugin provides a mesmerizing and fresh weather display to its users.

      Salient Characteristics Of The WordPress Weather Plugin

      Background Styles

      Aestro WordPress Weather Plugin offers 3 amazing background styles for its customers. The three styles of background are as follows:

      • HTML5- Using this background you can attach a Youtube video to your weather display. Further, it also supports file such as .mp4, .webm, etc.
      • Custom Background- You can select 7 pre-built custom backgrounds for different seasons for your weather prediction.
      • Minimalistic Look- It provides a clean display of weather without any background image or video.

      Detailed Weather Information

      This WordPress weather plugin provides advanced information during the weather forecast such as humidity, wind, cloudiness, sunrise and sunset data, etc.

      Additionally, you can also select temperature units between Celcius and Fahrenheit.

      Optimized Search Location

      Using this weather plugin user can search for the weather in any city by just entering a city name or its zip code in the search bar of the plugin.

Extra Information

      •  Version: 1.3.4
      •  Updated: 2020-05-12
      • Developer: Code Canyon
      • License: GPLv2 or greater
      • Automatic Update: Yes

Product Information

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    May 17, 2021

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