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Easy Table of Contents for AMP

in on May 19, 2021


Easy Table of Contents for AMP is a compatibility addon for a popular table of contents plugin called Easy Table of Contents created by Steven A. Zahm.

This AMP compatibility addon generates a table of contents with your existing setup and makes them AMP automatically.

Integrating the table of contents was a little tougher than usual but we wanted to get the same functionality like non-AMP so we decided to work a little harder on it and get it ready for you.

This is the most advanced Table of Contents integration in the AMP available in WordPress.


1. Automatically generate easy table of contents in AMP

People can see the same table of content of the non-amp version in the AMP also

2. Integration with Existing Setup

It will recognize your existing table of content setup and makes them into AMP Compatible with proper validation.

3. Plug & Play

There are no clunky options to play with. Once you activate this extension, it will automatically add the AMP compatibility.


Extra Information

      •  Version:
      • 1.0.5
      •  Updated: 2020-08-08
      • Developer: AMPforWP Team
      • License: GPLv2 or greater
      • Automatic Update: Yes

Product Information

  • Released

    May 19, 2021

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