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Reading Progress Bar for AMP

in on May 19, 2021


Reading progress bar is a visual representation to let the users know approximately how long the article will take them to complete. With the help of Our Reading Progress Bar for AMP Extension you will be able to Add a Progress Bar for your Websites. As they scroll down, the bar begins to fill, indicating the progress they’ve made. Once they’ve reached the end of the post, the bar is full.

What’s Compatible in this Extension?


  • This addon allows you to render the Reading Progress Bar feature to your websites in the AMP without any hassle. It will render the Bar on all of your Posts/Pages in the AMP version

Extra Information

      •  Version: 1.0
      •  Updated: 2020-04-21
      • Developer: AMPforWP Team
      • License: GPLv2 or greater
      • Automatic Update: Yes

Product Information

  • Released

    May 19, 2021

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